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At Templeton Law Firm, I represent local and regional small- to mid-sized businesses when they have a business dispute. Business disputes are some of the most complex areas of the law, but I use my over 20 years of experience to help guide you through issues such as:

Commercial Disputes

“An agreement or contract is only as good as the parties making it.” Anyone in business knows this axiom by heart and has probably had to learn the truth it represents the hard way. I have settled and tried these types of cases to jury verdict and can employ the staff, experience and knowledge necessary to give your business the advantage in the courtroom.

Hands-on personal service is my aim, and I understand how to minimize risk and maximize results for your business in the courtroom. I can help you with the following types of contract disputes:

I have a great deal of experience in handling these matters with the insight and skill earned over twenty years of service to companies in Texas.

Interference With Business Relations

Fair competition is one of the bases of our vibrant, robust economy here in Texas; however, when businesses employ improper and unfair tactics, which interfere with a company’s business relationships or existing contracts, the law provides a remedy for those businesses or individuals that are harmed by such behavior.

The first class of cases typically involves an adverse business that intentionally interferes with or damages an existing contract between certain parties. There are varieties and permutations of these cases; however, most cases I prosecute involve improper and unfair interference with a contract or lease, slander of certain parties resulting in contract breach, interference with existing customers under a contract or lease, interference with contract negotiations or interference with employee contracts resulting in nondisclosure and trade secret violations.

In cases involving interference with an actual contract or agreement, the plaintiff must prove that the contract existed, that the defendant business intentionally interfered with the contract or agreement, that the interference caused damage and loss to the victim business and that the defendant’s interference was the cause of the damage.

I also accept select cases involving interference with potential contracts or potential business relationships. These cases require more proof and evidence, and I must be able to show that, despite the absence of an actual contract, there was interference by the adverse business with an ongoing business relationship, that the adverse business intentionally interfered with that relationship, that the actions by the adverse business are independently actionable as torts, and that the interference caused damage and loss.

Damages in these cases include lost profits, wages and other damages which would have flowed from the contract, agreement or business relationship. Furthermore, if the offending business commits an independent tort or personal injury in the process, damages may include lost earnings, mental anguish and injury to reputation. In cases involving malice and severely egregious behavior, punitive damages may be claimed. Call my office if you or your business has become the victim of such interference or unfair competition, and I will help you evaluate your situation and determine your legal remedies.

Negligent Misrepresentation

Businesses act by and through their employees and agents. When an agent or employee of a company fails to exercise reasonable care in communicating or representing certain facts or information, the individual or company can be held liable.

In these cases, I must also prove that the communication was made in the course of business in which the negligent party held a pecuniary or economic interest and that the communication or representation supplied false information for the guidance of others in the business.

Damages and harm sustained by innocent parties relying on this false information can be devastating. In the event you or your company finds itself in the middle of such an unfortunate situation, call us for a consult, and I will help you and your business find a resolution and a remedy for this type of business dispute and claim. I am an experienced trial attorney and will help you and your business.


A party commits fraud by intentionally making a false representation to someone, knowing the representation or communication is false, and intending that the innocent listener or receiver of the information rely and act upon it. Sadly these types of occurrences happen in the business world and result in severe economic harm to unwitting businesses. Contact my office for a consult today if you or your company has become the subject of fraud or any severe and intentional misrepresentation.

Insurance Claims And Coverage

Whether as an individual, family or business, each of us carries or is entitled to benefits from various sorts of insurance: health insurance, property and building claims, fire and vehicle insurance, medical claims, errors and omissions coverage, the list goes on and on. Insurance and insurance contracts are governed by a combination of tort and contract law.

The Texas Insurance Code outlines standards for settlement practices and coverage issues. Certain types of policies, claims and benefits are governed by federal law and thus preempt Texas state law.

If you have a dispute over insurance coverage for yourself, your business or one of your employees, please contact my office for a consult and I will help you navigate the intricacies of your claim. I have vast experience dealing with, negotiating with and suing insurance carriers, and I know how to best preserve your claim and your business by helping you recover just and fair insurance benefits that you have paid for. I specialize in the following types of insurance claims:

  • Denied claims
  • Delayed payment
  • Unfair settlement claims
  • Deceptive acts by insurance companies

Deceptive Trade Practices

The DTPA or the Deceptive Trade Practices Act was designed to protect innocent consumers and business persons. It was designed to protect the victims of false, misleading and deceptive acts perpetrated by others.

Often cases are brought on the grounds that goods or services did not have the quality or characteristics that were represented or that an agreement or contract was drafted or presented in a misleading manner and did not confer the rights or terms as represented.

These cases come in the form of typical “laundry list” violations and may also involve a breach of implied or express warranty or the perpetration of unconscionable acts resulting in economic harm.

Damages in these cases include economic losses and mental anguish, and victims may claim additional damages if they show proof that the perpetrator acted intentionally or knowingly. The DTPA is a useful and beneficial tool for victims of false, misleading and deceptive acts. I invite you to contact me, attorney Scott Templeton, at Templeton Law Firm if you have suffered harm due to such an incident or situation.

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