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How Do You Win An Internal Fight?

Nothing is more dangerous to your company than an out-of-control internal fight for control. Internal fights between members of an ownership group have a way of disrupting day-to-day operations. These are high-stakes matters, and you want to have faith in your attorney.

At my firm, Templeton Law Firm, I will work hard to earn your trust. I understand how much is at risk without the proper resolution to the complex issues of commercial disputes. But what will matter most is understanding your goals; once I know what you want, I can pursue the outcome that means the most to you.

Individualized Strategy. Personable Service.

Different business goals may be a part of it, but at the end of the day, every internal business dispute is a clash of personalities. I offer my legal insight to you to help you retain control in such matters as:

  • Breaches of contract: Stakeholders in a business, from board members to CEOs, may have a contract. They must follow their contractual duties. If they do not, they disrupt the very foundation of the business.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Fiduciary duty is the single highest standard of care an individual can have. If your company’s fiduciaries are violating their duty, you have no choice but to act for the good of your organization.
  • Fraud: Beyond breaching contract or duty, misleading and putting the company in a legally suspect position demands action. If you believe that a member of the ownership group is committing fraud – or if someone accuses you of fraud – I can help.
  • Tortious interference: When a third party interferes with your contracts, that is a complex, difficult situation. When that party is – presumably – a member of your team, you are placed in a highly difficult position.

As your lawyer, I will create a plan with you to help you pursue your goals in your partnership or shareholder disputes. I’m on your team, and I’m here to advocate for what works for you.

Helping You Take Back Control

Seeing your business in jeopardy can make you worry a lot. Feeling like you’re losing control of your business is extremely unsettling. When you speak with me, attorney Scott Templeton, I will take every opportunity to show you how you can stay in control and keep on top of the situation. I will show you how we can build a strategy to preserve your business under Texas law.

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