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How I Can Help After Your Accident

No one ever plans to be involved in a personal injury accident. You may be going on about your daily activities when suddenly, another driver crashes into you, a truck driver makes an unexpected turn or some other kind of negligence occurs and you are left picking up the pieces.

For many people, dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury can be overwhelming. There are doctors, lawyers, insurance adjusters to deal with and you may be in pain, stressed and unsure where to turn for help. At Templeton Law Firm, I know how to help.

I’m attorney Scott Templeton, and I have more than 20 years of experience with personal injury cases in Texas. I know how to handle insurance claims and insurance companies. I can help you obtain the medical treatment you need. I’ll investigate your claim and manage the paperwork and documents, while you manage to get better.

Isn’t Your Insurance Company On Your Side?

Many injured people think after an accident their insurance company will step up and take care of their financial and medical needs. Sadly, that’s often not the case. The insurance company’s real goal is to be profitable. One way they accomplish this goal is by minimizing or denying claims. They have a great many lawyers, investigators and adjusters whose personal compensation is tied to how effectively they minimize payouts.

Insurance companies have all these professionals protecting their bottom line; if you need to deal with them, know that you are the only one in the room who is not an “insurance claims professional.” This is where I can help level the playing field. I know how insurance policies work, the tactics and strategies insurance companies and their lawyers use to deny or reduce claim value, and I work aggressively to protect your right to receive full compensation for your claim.

Experience With A Broad Range Of Personal Injury Claims And Accidents

I have experience with a wide range of personal injury claims including:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Negligence and driver error
  • Drunk drivers
  • Texting and driving
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Defective vehicles and tires
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Oil field accidents
  • Construction/industrial accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Defective products
  • Food poisoning
  • Dangerous animals
  • Falling merchandise

Don’t Delay – Time Is Short

If you have been injured, it’s important to contact me as soon as possible. Evidence can be lost or disposed of, accident scenes can change, witnesses can move away or become difficult to locate or their memories fade. I work quickly to investigate a claim and secure any available evidence that can be used to support your claim.

There are also deadlines, known as “statute of limitations” that you must meet. Failure to file a claim before one of these deadlines means you forfeit your claim, no matter how valid it may be. I work to ensure that all filing deadlines are met and your claim is filed on time and accurately.

I Want To Answer Your Questions

The most important thing you can get when you’re facing any personal injury is answers. I want to be the person who gets you the answers you need to your questions. For more than 20 years, I have been an attorney dealing with personal injury matters. I can provide you with specific answers to the questions you have, but here’s a good place to start:

What Steps Should You Take If You Have Been Injured In A Car Accident?

Car accidents come with a lot of confusion for the people involved. To put yourself in a strong position to recover the compensation, you must take some important steps:

  • See a doctor
  • File a police report
  • Get the other driver’s information
  • File an insurance claim

However, you must be extremely careful when speaking with another insurance claim because insurance companies will use your words against you to reduce your claims. It’s often best to contact a lawyer like me before filing a claim. I can make sure the information you give to the insurance company is not so much that it puts you in a worse legal position.

What Are The Elements Of A Slip-And-Fall Case?

There are two major elements of a slip-and-fall case aside from slipping and falling. The first is that you must be on someone else’s property. That matters because while on someone else’s property, that party has the responsibility to maintain safe premises. The second is negligence, the owner – or in the case of a business like a grocery store, the staff – must show some degree of negligence. This can be a lack of signs around a spill or leaving other hazards lying around.

Who Can Bring A Wrongful Death Claim?

In Texas, there is a limited list of parties who can file a wrongful death claim. That list is limited to the following:

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Children

If, within three months of the death, those parties do not file a claim, the executor of the deceased’s estate (Technically called a personal representative under Texas law) may file a claim.

What Is A Dangerous Product?

Understanding what a dangerous product is, is not a mystery. It’s a product that is dangerous. However, the legal aspect of dangerous products can be complex. If you were injured using a product that malfunctioned, or if you were using a product that failed – such as a ladder – you may have a product liability case.

However, the key factor that may make a difference in your case is how you used the product. If you were using the product in a nonstandard way, it may make it more complicated to pursue compensation.

What Is Considered A Personal Injury?

Quite simply, a personal injury is one that an individual receives that is largely the fault of another person or entity. Personal injuries can be such types of accidents as:

  • Car crashes
  • Defective products
  • Slips and falls
  • Dog bites
  • Getting struck by a car

The injuries that result from the negligence of another demand compensation.

What Damages May Be Available For A Personal Injury Claim In Texas?

The value — or total compensation potentially available — for personal injury claims varies greatly depending upon the individual facts and circumstances of each accident. You lawyer must analyze the fine details, and keep the big picture in mind when creating a strategy to maximize overall compensation, which generally involves a mix of many of specific types of issues, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings
  • Physical pain and mental anguish
  • Physical impairment
  • Disfigurement

I thoroughly review the details from a real-world perspective. Preparing and presenting the facts in personal injury claim requires far more than shuffling paperwork in a legal library. I engage with clients to understand the full picture in preparing a litigation strategy.

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