I Like Helping People. How Can I Help You?

Is Your Business A Good Place To Work?

Whether your business is a place people want to work is an important question for you as a business owner. A happy, enjoyable workplace is one way you retain your employees, who in turn help you turn a profit. But what happens when your business starts to feel toxic to some?

At my firm, Templeton Law Firm, I’ve helped businesses across San Angelo that are facing difficult employment law disputes. My name is Scott Templeton, and I work with both the employers who stand to lose a great deal of money in a harassment lawsuit and the victims who simply want to work in peace. No matter what side of the issue, I will hear you out, listen to your side and work hard to get you an outcome you find meaningful.

My Commitment To Your Business

When you choose me as your lawyer, I commit myself completely to securing your business from the most troubling outcomes of harassment. I understand these issues, and I have extensive experience defending companies.

Defending you against harassment is a sensitive matter. It requires a complex approach because the stakes are so high. Often resolution isn’t enough. You want to try and heal the difficulties so your workplace feels safe and productive again. It’s hard to do, but I can help you.

Supporting Victims In Toxic Workplaces

I also frequently help clients who are hurt by harassment at work. I want to hear from you if you have been the subject of such harassment as:

  • Racist insults
  • Sexual jokes
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Aggressive pranks

As your attorney, I will listen to your side of the story. One of the worst parts of being harassed is the feeling of powerlessness. I can help you regain some control of your life and take steps to end the difficult conditions of your workplace.

Reach Out To Me

My priority is to build a meaningful, lasting legal solution to your problems. Harassment can make a workplace toxic for everyone. I can help you move forward and return to business as usual.

Call my office at 325-777-1625 or send an email.