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At Templeton Law Firm, I provide experienced legal representation for personal injury, employment law and business litigation.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience In San Angelo And West Texas

Experienced Legal Representation For Personal Injury, Employment And Business Litigation In West Texas

I’m Scott Templeton, an attorney who likes his job. Simply put, I help people deal with the aftermath of an accident or the legal complexities of business and employment law. The law is always complex, and many people here in West Texas want to resolve matters on their own. Often, that’s not the best idea, as it is all too easy to create more challenges or compromise your case or damage your interest.

That’s where I can help. I have more than 20 years’ experience working with these issues. I can listen to your facts, explain the law that may apply and then discuss potential options for resolving the matter. This can be a painstaking, complex situation, but I am passionate about helping my clients overcome these challenges.

Unwinding The Complex Knots Of The Law

If you are not an attorney, dealing with a legal problem can feel like untangling a ball of yarn, blindfolded, with one hand.

As your attorney, helping with a question involving your business or a contract, or assisting a severely injured person with an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, the overall questions are the same. How do we untangle the web of contracts, laws, facts, misunderstandings, medical needs, to really help the parties resolve their issues or dispute?

That’s where my skill, experience and dedication to my clients are most helpful. Not only do I understand the legal basics of these matters, but I have helped people work through these matters.

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