When your vehicle is struck by an 18-wheeler, the damage and injuries are typically severe and devastating. Thousands of semi-trucks run people over and crash into passenger vehicles each year on Texas roads and highways. These cases typically result in a totaled vehicle and the severe injury or wrongful death of the innocent passenger car driver and passengers.

We all know that truckers drive long hours into the night, are often compensated based on performance, time, and number of loads delivered, and have a huge incentive to stay awake as long as they can and run as many loads as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Sadly, families and innocent people suffer and are injured or killed because of overworked, overtired employees of these trucking companies.

If you or a family member is a victim of such negligence or reckless driving, the Templeton Law Firm will empathize and understand your situation and implement our knowledge, training, and result-oriented strategies to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for your property or vehicle damage, medical expenses, lost earnings, funeral expenses, non-economic damages, and any other reasonably related damage stemming from the trucking companies' reckless and unsafe driving practices.

These cases involve large corporate trucking companies and are more complicated than typical car wreck cases. Most times the 18-wheelers involved have GPS technologies or a "black box" which can pinpoint speeds, braking data, engine stress and other measures. These cases also involve state and federal highway regulations and laws. Hiring the Templeton Law Firm to represent you or a loved one in a trucking accident case will give you the necessary edge and arsenal to ensure that you are adequately protected, represented, cared for, and awarded fair and sufficient compensation.