In Texas we still don't have laws prohibiting the general public from driving and talking on the cell phone or driving and texting. Some exceptions to this general rule include specific provisions outlawing the use of cell phones in vehicles by recently licensed drivers, bus drivers carrying children, or in school crossing zones. As such, it is quite common to see drivers talking and texting on their cell phones while driving. In fact, it is probably the norm and not the exception for cell phone users. Though many drivers have "hands free" sets installed in their vehicles, most users freely talk and text on their phones while driving their vehicles.

As one might expect, such activity is a major distraction to the driver and often results in severe car wrecks and resulting injuries and damages to innocent drivers. If you are the victim of such negligence or recklessness, call our offices immediately, and we will make an appointment to review your case and determine if we can be of service.