As the price of oil and natural gas has skyrocketed and the incentive to drill has increased, we see more and more unnecessary accidents, injuries, and deaths occuring on the rigs. The incentive to get the oil out of the ground as fast as possible has resulted in companies taking shortcuts and overworking employees at the expense of human life. No amount of company profit or increased stock price is worth the serious injury or death of a worker. Since 2004, our team at the Templeton Law Firm has represented working people who are injured by the negligence and recklessness of others on oil and gas rigs.

Though oil and gas companies may carry workers compensation insurance for their employees, it is usually insufficient to protect and compensate workers and their families. We are here to help you and your family if such an unfortunate incident occurs. We represent and help people who have been hurt in the following types of oil and gas injury claims: falls from rigs, injuries resulting from high pressure hoses and equipment, explosions, head and bodily injury occuring on the rig floor, injuries on pump jacks, injuries resulting from faulty equipment or equipment failure, injuries from driller or other operator negligence or recklessness, injuries caused by other's intoxication or drug use on the rig. Call us immediately, and we will help you.