Whether as an individual, family, or business, each of us carries or is entitled to benefits from various sorts of insurance: Health Insurance, Property and Building Claims, Fire and Vehicle Insurance, Medical Claims, Errors and Omissions Coverage, the list goes on and on. Insurance and insurance contracts are governed by a combination of tort and contract law. The Texas Insurance Code outlines standards for settlement practices and coverage issues. Certain types of policies, claims, and benefits are governed by federal law and thus preempt Texas state law.

If you have a dispute over insurance coverage for yourself, your business, or one of your employees, please contact our office for a consult and we will help you navigate the intricacies of your claim. We have vast experience dealing with, negotiating with, and suing insurance carriers, and we know how to best preserve your claim and your business by helping you recover just and fair insurance benefits that you have paid for. We specialize in the following types of insurance claims:

•  Denied Claims
•  Delayed Payment
•  Unfair Settlement Claims
•  Deceptive Acts by Insurance Companies