In today's world of "big box" retailers and wholesalers, a consumers often finds themselves shopping for items in stores that have chosen to make their retail facility a giant warehouse. I'm speaking of stores like Wal-Mart, Sams, Lowes, Home Depot, Big Lots, and other similar retailers. These retailers have cleverly determined that they can save millions in distribution and fuel costs by essentially making their retail establishments giant big box warehouses, where merchandise is often stacked beyond a reasonable or safe height.

Gravity never fails, and when the big box retailers' employees improperly stock items, improperly assemble shelving units, bump shelves, or push items off a shelf while stocking, bad things happen to shoppers. People in the United States are killed and injured at an alarming rate because of this type of merchandising and warehousing of retail goods. If you or a loved one suffers such an incident and injury, please call our offices. We are highly experienced and effective in deadling with these corporate giants, and we find nothing more satisfying than ensuring that they play fair when they negligently injure or kill their customers through these inherently unsafe methods of merchandising, stacking, and warehousing their retail goods.