Vehicle defect cases are typically classified into single or multiple vehicle accidents. Many times, the single vehicle accident will involve a braking, steering, or tire defect resulting in a crash or vehicle rollover. In multiple vehicle accidents, where a negligent driver causes the wreck, we can make a claim against the negligent driver and the manufacturer of our client's vehicle, claiming additional damages for enhanced injuries or death caused by the vehicle defect.

Though manufacturers are required to perform road tests, field tests, and computer-based tests on their vehicles to ensure safety and performance, these tests do not ensure that the vehicles are manufactured or designed safely. Furthermore, real world accidents are quite different than computer simulations, and the law allows a party injured by a defective vehicle to claim damages caused by that vehicle defect or component part failure.

At the Templeton Law Firm, we review the following types of vehicle defect cases:

  • tire defects, blowouts, or tread separations
  • defective accelerators, sudden acceleration
  • defective floormats
  • defective brakes
  • roof safety design and rollover design
  • roof crush defects
  • airbag defects 
  • seat belt defects
  • seat back and head rest fold down or defects
  • general vehicle crash worthiness 
  • vehicle recalls

If you or a family member has been involved in a car accident involving a vehicle defect, please contact our offices, so we can review any claim you many have for medical expenses, time lost from work, non-economic damages, and other damages. Thank you.