If you or a loved one are injured or killed by a defective product, you can expect your legal case to be quite complicated and expensive to prove and win. Proper and successful prosecution of such matters require the expertise of an attorney familiar with the landscape and strategies used by corporate defendants to avoid responsibility in these cases. At Templeton Law Firm, we have been helping injured people and their families resolve these matters in a favorable manner, with just and fair compensation for medical expenses, lost time from work, non-economic damages, funeral expenses, and other recoverable damages.

Products cases are typically classified into three categories: manufacturing defect cases, design defect cases, and failure to warn cases:

Manufacturing defect cases: these are the stand-alone, individual-occurrence cases that involve a one time defect such as a failure to insert a certain bolt on an assembly line or a reversal of a certain component part on any given product. Under a theory of manufacturing defect, we do not implicate an entire product line, we simply hold manufacturers and their workers responsible when they send one specific or discrete product or part into the stream of commerce, resulting in an injury or death to the consumer.

Design defect cases: the typical design case implicates an entire product line and is thus quite expensive and involved. One can imagine that a corporate defendant would have huge profits and expense at stake if it had to retool or rework its entire assembly or design of a particular product. These defendants are, thus, staunch and highly protective of their products' design and assembly. We live in world composed of a vast array of consumer and retail products, which improve our quality of life and make burdensome tasks easier to perform. Though most products are tested and safe and comply with state and federal safety regulations, some do not; therefore, society needs the safeguards and checks of our court system to keep corporate interests in line with human needs and safety. If you or a loved one has been injured as a consequence of a defectively designed product, contact our office immediately for representation.

Failure to warn cases: certain products on the market today are, by their very nature, purpose, and design, inherently dangerous. These include items such as chainsaws, various medicines and drugs, or firearms. As such, the law requires that manufacturers of these products place clear and prominent warnings on the products to ensure that the operator or user is aware of the danger and proper use of the product. An injury or death resulting from a manufacturer's failure to place such a warning is compensable, and we at the Templeton Law Firm will work with you to collect medical expenses, lost earnings, and non-economic damages for you and your loved ones injured in such an unfortunate event.

Remember that in all products liability cases, a claimant should preserve and keep the actual defective product that caused the harm and be prepared to identify the serial numbers, batch numbers, and manufacturer of the product.