The DTPA or the Deceptive Trade Practices Act was designed to protect innocent consumers and business persons. It was designed to protect the victims of false, misleading, and deceptive acts perpetrated by others. Often cases are brought on the grounds that goods or services did not have the quality or characteristics that were represented or that an agreement or contract was drafted or presented in a misleading manner and did not confer the rights or terms as represented. These cases come in the form of typical "laundry list" violations and may also involve breach of implied or express warranty or the perpetration of unconscionable acts resulting in economic harm.

Damages in these cases include economic losses and mental anguish, and victims may claim additional damages if they show proof that the perpetrator acted intentionally or knowingly. The DTPA is a useful and beneficial tool for victims of false, misleading, and deceptive acts. We invite you to contact us at Templeton Law Firm if you have suffered harm due to such an incident or situation.