An agreement or contract is only as good as the parties making it. anyone in business knows this axiom by heart and has probably had to learn the truth it represents the hard way. here at templeton law firm, we pride ourselves in representing local and regional small to mid-size businesses when they have a business dispute involving a contract breach or failure to perform. We have settled and tried these type cases to jury verdict and can employ the staff, experience, and knowledge necessary to give your business the advantage in the courtroom. Hands-on, personal service is our aim, and we understand how to minimize risk and maximize results for your business in the courtroom. We can help you with the following types of contract disputes:

•  General Contract Disputes
•  Construction Contracts
•  Employment Contracts
•  Failure to Perform Obligations of a Contract
•  Insurance Contracts and Insurance Coverage
•  Third Party Interference with an Existing or Prospective Contract